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2174 Computer programmers and interactive mediadevelopers





Computer programmers write, modify, integrate and test computer code formicrocomputer and mainframe software applications, data processingapplications, operating systems-level software and communications software.Interactive media developers write, modify, integrate and test computer codefor Internet applications, computer-based training software, computer games,film, video and other interactive media. They are employed in computer softwaredevelopment firms, information technology consulting firms, and in informationtechnology units throughout the private and public sectors.



animation programmer—动漫程序设计员

application programmer—应用程序设计员

business application programmer—商业应用程序设计员

computer application programmer—计算机应用程序设计员

computer game developer—计算机游戏开发员

computer programmer—计算机程序设计员

detail programmer—程序设计员

developer, software—软件开发员

e-business (electronic business) softwaredeveloper—电子商务软件开发员

e-commerce (electronic commerce) softwaredeveloper—电子商业软件开发员

EDP (electronic data processing) applicationsprogrammer—电子数据处理应用程序设计员

electronic business (e-business) softwaredeveloper—电子商务软件开发员

electronic commerce (e-commerce) softwaredeveloper—电子商务软件开发员

electronic data processing (EDP) applicationsprogrammer—电子处理处理应用程序开发员

game developer, computer—游戏开发(计算机)

graphical user interface (GUI) designer—图形用户接口(GUI)设计师

graphical user interface (GUI) developer—图形用户接口(GUI)程序开发师

interactive media developer—媒体交互开发员

interactive media programmer—媒体交互程序设计员

Java programmer—JAVA程序设计员

mainframe systems programmer—主机系统程序设计员

minicomputer systems programmer—微机系统程序设计员

multimedia developer—多媒体开发

multimedia programmer—多媒体程序设计员

operating systems programmer—操作系统程序设计员

PC (personal computer) application developer—PC应用系统程序开发

personal computer (PC) application developer—PC应用系统程序开发

programmer analyst—程序设计分析师

programmer, animation—动漫程序设计师

programmer, interactive media—交互媒体程序设计师

programmer, special effects—特效程序设计师

programmer, systems—系统程序设计师

programmer, Web—网络程序设计师

satellite scientific telecommunicationsprogrammer—卫星科技电子通信程序设计师

scientific programmer—科技程序设计师

software developer—软件开发

software developer, e-business (electronicbusiness)—电子商务软件开发

software developer, e-commerce (electroniccommerce) —电子商务软件开发

software developer, electronic business(e-business) —电子商务软件开发

software developer, electronic commerce(e-commerce) —电子商务软件开发

software development programmer—软件开发程序

software programmer—软件程序设计

special effects programmer—特效程序设计

systems programmer—系统程序设计

teleprocessing software programmer—电子处理软件程序设计

visual basic programmer—VB程序设计

Web programmer—网络程序设计



















Computer programmers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Write, modify, integrate and test  software code

  • Maintain existing computer  programs by making modifications as required

  • Identify and communicate technical  problems, processes and solutions

  • Prepare reports, manuals and other  documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software

  • Assist in the collection and documentation of user requirements

  • Assist in the development of logical and physical specifications

  • May lead and co-ordinate teams of computer programmers

  • May research and evaluate a variety of software products.

Interactive mediadevelopers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Program animation software to predefined specifications for interactive CDs, DVDs, video game cartridges and Internet-based applications

  • Program special effects software for film and video applications

  • Write, modify, integrate and test software code for e-commerce and other Internet applications

  • Assist in the collection and  documentation of user requirements

  • Assist in the development of logical and physical specifications

  • May lead and co-ordinate teams of  interactive media developers

  • May research and evaluate a  variety of interactive media software products.



  • A bachelor's degree in computer     science or in another discipline with a significant programming component
        Completion of a college program in computer science is usually required.

  • Specialization in programming for     engineering and scientific applications requires specific post-secondary     study or experience.


  • Progression to information systems     analyst, software engineer or Web designer is possible with experience.


  • Computer  network technicians (2281)    

  • Database  analysts and data administrators (2172)    

  • E-business managers (in 0124 Advertising, marketing and public     relations managers )

  • Graphic  designers and illustrators (5241)    

  • Information  systems analysts and consultants (2171)    

  • Information  systems testing technicians (2283)    

  • Software engineers and designers (2173)    

  • Web  designers and developers (2175)    

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