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3233 Licensedpractical nurses





Licensedpractical nurses provide nursing care usually under the direction of medicalpractitioners, registered nurses or other health team members. They areemployed in hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, rehabilitationcentres, doctors' offices, clinics, companies, private homes and communityhealth centres. Operating room technicians are included in this unit group.

















Licensed practical nurses perform some or all of the following duties:

Providenursing services, within defined scope of practice, to patients based onpatient assessment and care planning procedures

Performnursing interventions such as taking vital signs, applying aseptic techniquesincluding sterile dressing, ensuring infection control, monitoring nutritionalintake and conducting specimen collection

Administermedication and observe and document therapeutic effects

Providepre-operative and post-operative personal and comfort care

Monitorestablished respiratory therapy and intravenous therapy

Monitorpatients' progress, evaluate effectiveness of nursing interventions and consultwith appropriate members of healthcare team

Providesafety and health education to individuals and their families.

Operating room technicians perform some or all of the following duties:

Preparepatients for surgery by washing, shaving and sterilizing the patients'operative areas

Assistin surgery by laying out instruments, setting up equipment, assisting surgicalteams with gowns and gloves and passing instruments to surgeons

Cleanand sterilize the operating room and instruments.




certifiednursing assistant (CNA)——注册护士助理(CNA)

CNA(certified nursing assistant)——CNA(注册护士助理)

graduatenursing assistant——毕业助理护士

L.P.N.(licensed practical nurse)——L.P.N. (执照护士)

licensednursing assistant——执照护士助理

licensedpractical nurse (L.P.N.)——执照护士(L.P.N.)

nursingassistant (registered – Québec)——护理员(注册 - 魁北克)

operatingroom technician——手术室技师

operatingroom technician – nursing——手术室技师 - 护理

R.N.A.(registered nursing assistant)——R.N.A. (注册护士助理)

R.P.N.(registered practical nurse)——R.P.N. (注册护士)

registerednursing assistant (R.N.A.)——注册护士助理(R.N.A.)

registeredpractical nurse (R.P.N.)——注册护士(R.P.N.)

surgicalassistant, nursing——手术助手,护士

surgicalnursing assistant——外科护理助手

surgicaltechnician – nursing——手术技术 - 护理

technician,operating room – nursing——技师,手术室 - 护理

technician,surgical – nursing——技师,手术 - 护理




Completionof a vocational, college or other approved program for licensed practicalnurses is required.

Registrationwith a regulatory body is required in all provinces and territories.

Completionof the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination is required in allprovinces and territories except Quebec.

Operatingroom technicians require either additional academic training in operating roomtechniques or on-the-job training.



Workingunder the direction of a medical practitioner or registered nurse is notrequired for licensed practical nurses in all jurisdictions.


Homehealth aides (in 4412Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations )

Nurseaides, orderlies and patient service associates (3413)

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