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4151 Psychologists





Psychologistsassess and diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders, counselclients, provide therapy, conduct research and apply theory relating tobehaviour and mental processes. Psychologists help clients work toward themaintenance and enhancement of psychological, physical, intellectual,emotional, social and interpersonal functioning. Psychologists work in privatepractice or in clinics, correctional facilities, hospitals, mental healthfacilities, rehabilitation centres, community service organizations,businesses, schools and universities, and in government and private researchagencies.















Psychologists perform some or all of the following duties:

Examineand assess behaviour, diagnose behavioural, emotional and cognitive disorders,counsel clients and provide therapy

Helpclients manage physical illness and disorders

Counselindividuals and groups to achieve more effective personal, social andvocational development and adjustment, and offer mediation services

Usestandard psychological tests for assessment

Planintervention programs and conduct program evaluation

Applypsychological theory and principles regarding behaviour and mental processessuch as learning, language development, memory and perception to developtreatment programs

Formulatehypotheses and experimental designs, review literature, conduct studies andpublish research papers, educational texts and articles

Deliverpresentations at conferences, workshops or symposia

Provideconsultation services to government and other organizations.

Psychologists may specialize in applied psychology or experimental research.Sub-specialties include behavioural psychology, child psychology, cognitivepsychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, industrialpsychology, neuropsychology, social psychology or sports psychology.





行为调整心理学家——behavioural modification psychologist

行为心理学家——behavioural psychologist

行为治疗师——behavioural therapist



心理学家包车——chartered psychologist

儿童心理学家——child psychologist

临床心理学家——clinical psychologist

认知心理学家——cognitive psychologist

社区心理学家——community psychologist

心理辅导家——counselling psychologist(新新源移民)

发展心理学家——developmental psychologist

教育心理学家——educational psychologist

实验心理学家——experimental psychologist

法医心理学家——forensic psychologist

人类发展心理学家——human development psychologist

工业心理学家——industrial psychologist

心理学家实习生——intern psychologist


组织心理学家——organizational psychologist

生理心理学家——physiological psychologist

心理学相关工作者——psychological associate


心理学家 - 辅导——psychologist – counselling

心理学家,学校——psychologist, school


心理学家注册——registered psychologist

心理学家的研究——research psychologist

学校心理学家——school psychologist

社会心理学家——social psychologist

运动心理学家——sports psychologist

职业心理学家——vocational psychologist



Adoctoral degree in psychology is required in order to use the designation "Psychologist"in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.

Amaster's degree in psychology is required for the designation"Psychologist" in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, NewBrunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Amaster's degree in psychology is required in order to use the designation"Psychological Associate" in Ontario and Manitoba.

InPrince Edward Island, a doctoral degree is required to work in privatepractice, or a master's degree with practice limited to institutions andagencies.

Aperiod of supervised practical experience is required in most jurisdictions.

Successfulcompletion of the written Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology(EPPP) is required in most provinces.

Oralexaminations and board interviews are required in some provinces.

Registrationwith a regulatory body is required in all provinces, Nunavut and the NorthwestTerritories.

Membershipin the provincial professional association for psychologists is mandatory inall provinces, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Psychologistscan become specialized in a particular area through training and experience.


Psychologicalassociates may be granted permission by provincial regulatory authorities toperform duties normally restricted to psychologists, specifically diagnosingpsychological disorders and communicating diagnoses to clients.



Family,marriage and other related counsellors (4153)

Psychiatrists(in 3111 Specialist physicians )

Psychologistswho teach at universities (in 4011 University professors and lecturers )

Psychologyresearch assistants, non-university (in 4164 Social policy researchers, consultantsand program officers )

Psychologyresearch assistants, university (in 4012 Post-secondary teaching and researchassistants )

Psychometrists(in 4169 Other professional occupations insocial science, n.e.c. )

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