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0601 Corporate salesmanagers




Corporatesales managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities ofestablishments and departments involved in commercial, industrial,institutional, e-business and wholesale and retail sales. They are employed bycommercial, industrial and wholesale and retail trade establishments.












Corporate sales managers perform some or all of the following duties:

Plandirect and evaluate the activities of sales departments in commercial,industrial, wholesale and retail and other establishments

Organizeregional and divisional sales operations

Establishorganizational policies and procedures in relation to sales

Determinestrategic planning related to new product lines

Leadsales team in building relationships with business clients and managenegotiations of sales contracts

Recruit,organize, train and manage staff

Maywork with the marketing department to understand and communicate marketingmessages to the field.



客户经理 - 销售——account manager – sales

区域销售经理——area sales manager

商业客户经理——commercial accounts manager

公司销售经理——corporate sales manager

配送经理 - 销售——distribution manager – sales

区域经理,零售——district manager, retail

区域经理,销售(除保险和房地产)——district manager, sales (exceptinsurance and real estate)

部门销售经理——divisional sales manager

电子商务(电子商务)销售经理——e-commerce (electronic commerce) salesmanager

出口销售经理——export sales manager

现场销售经理——field sales manager

关键客户经理 - 销售——key accountsmanager – sales

经理,企业销售——manager, corporate sales

经理,出口销售——manager, export sales

经理,现场销售——manager, field sales(新新源移民)

经理,旅行团销售——manager, package tour sales

经理,销售和分销——manager, sales and distribution

经理,销售规划——manager, sales planning

经理,贸易扩张——manager, trade expansion

全国客户经理 - 销售——national accountsmanager – sales

全国销售经理——national sales manager

旅行团销售经理——package tour sales manager

产品经理——product manager

区域总监,销售——regional director, sales

区域经理 - 销售——regional manager – sales

区域销售总监——regional sales director

区域销售经理——regional sales manager

零售区经理——retail district manager

销售管理员——sales administrator(新新源移民)

销售及分销经理——sales and distribution manager

销售总监(除零售和批发)——sales director (except retail andwholesale)

销售区域经理(保险和房地产除外)——sales district manager (exceptinsurance and real estate)

销售经理(除零售和批发)——sales manager (except retail andwholesale)

销售经理,电子商务(电子商务)——sales manager, e-commerce (electroniccommerce)

销售经理,旅行团——sales manager, package tours

销售规划经理——sales planning manager

区域经理 - 销售——territory manager – sales

扩大贸易经理——trade expansion manager

区域经理 - 销售——zone manager – sales



Auniversity degree or college diploma in business or in a related field with aspecialization in sales
Several years of experience as a sales representative or in a relatedoccupation are usually required.


Progressionto senior management positions is possible with experience.




Advertising,marketing and public relations managers (0124)

Retailand wholesale trade managers (0621)

Seniormanagers - trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c. (0015)

Supervisorsof technical salespersons (in 6221Technical sales specialists - wholesale trade )

ClassificationStructure - 0