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0125 Other businessservices managers




Managersin this unit group plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operationsof establishments that provide services to business, and ensure the quality ofthose services and client satisfaction. They work in fields such as managementconsulting, market research, personnel and payroll services, contact centreservices and security services.














Managers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

Plan,organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments thatprovide services to business such as management consulting, market research,personnel and payroll services, contact centre services and security services

Plan,develop and organize the policies and procedures of these establishments

Developaction plans, provide expertise in response to client needs, and support andadvise project teams

Directand advise staff in the development and implementation of service qualityassessment strategies

Plan,administer and control budgets for client projects, contracts, equipment andsupplies

Representthe company within various economic and social organizations

Assiststaff with administrative or technical problems

Hire,train and supervise staff.



会计师事务所经理——accounting firm manager

会计师事务所经理 - 企业服务——accounting firm manager – business services

审计公司经理——audit firm manager

审计公司经理——auditing firm manager

呼叫中心经理——call centre manager

发布会开发经理——conference development manager

会议服务经理——conference services manager

联络中心经理——contact centre manager

海关经理 - 企业服务——customs manager – business services

侦探社经理——detective agency manager

董事,组织方法分析——director, organizational methods analysis

董事,组织方法分析 - 商业服务——director, organizational methodsanalysis – business services(新新源移民)

董事,组织规划和发展——director, organizational planning and development

职业介绍所经理——employment agency manager

就业办公室经理——employment office manager

能源资产的合资企业经理——energy asset joint venture manager

经理,管理服务部门 - 业务服务——head, management services division – business services

经理,组织服务——head, organizational services

土地承包合同经理——land contracts manager

律师事务所经理——legal firm manager

管理咨询服务经理——management consulting service manager

经理,会计师事务所——manager, accounting firm

经理,审计事务所——manager, auditing firm

经理,侦探社——manager, detective agency

经理,职业介绍——manager, employment agency

经理,就业办公室——manager, employment office

经理,律师事务所——manager, legal firm(新新源移民)

经理,管理咨询服务——manager, management consulting service

经理,市场调研服务——manager, market research service

经理,方法和程序——manager, methods and procedures

经理,矿产和土地合同——manager, mineral land and contracts

经理,注册护士——manager, nursing registry

经理,薪资服务——manager, payroll service

经理,人事代理——manager, personnel agency

经理人员的咨询服务——manager, personnel consulting service

经理,安置机构——manager, placement agency

经理,办公室位置——manager, placement office

经理,私人调查和安全服务——manager, private investigation and security service

经理,安全服务——manager, security service

经理,表面土地管理——manager, surface land administration

经理,调查研究服务——manager, survey research service

市场研究服务经理——market research service manager

方法和程序经理——methods and procedures manager

矿物土地管理经理——mineral land administration manager

护理注册表经理——nursing registry manager

组织方法分析总监——organizational methods analysis director

组织方法分析总监 - 商业服务——organizational methods analysisdirector – business services(新新源移民)

组织方法分析经理——organizational methods analysis manager

组织规划和发展总监——organizational planning and development director

发薪服务经理——payroll service manager

人事代理经理——personnel agency manager

人才咨询服务经理——personnel consulting service manager

安置机构经理——placement agency manager

安置办公室经理——placement office manager

私人调查和安全服务经理——private investigation and security service manager

专业服务经理 - 企业服务——professional services manager – business services

保安服务经理——security service manager

调查研究业务经理——survey research service manager

井和设施资产管理经理——well and facilities asset manager



Abachelor's degree or college diploma in a field related to the business serviceprovided is usually required.

Severalyears of experience in a field related to the business service provided areusually required.

Licences,certificates or registration may be required for some business servicesmanagers. For example, accounting firm managers usually require accountingcertification.

Universitystudies in business administration may be required.



Advertising,marketing and public relations managers (0124)

Architectureand science managers (0212)

Banking,credit and other investment managers (0122)

Computerand information systems managers (0213)

Engineeringmanagers (0211)

Insurance,real estate and financial brokerage managers (0121)

Seniormanagers - financial, communications and other business services (0013)

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