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4212 Social andcommunity service workers





Socialand community service workers administer and implement a variety of socialassistance programs and community services, and assist clients to deal withpersonal and social problems. They are employed by social service andgovernment agencies, mental health agencies, group homes, shelters, substanceabuse centres, school boards, correctional facilities and other establishments.






















Social and community service workers perform some or all of the followingduties:

Reviewclient background information, interview clients to obtain case history andprepare intake reports

Assessclients' relevant skill strengths and needs

Assistclients to sort out options and develop plans of action while providingnecessary support and assistance

Assessand investigate eligibility for social benefits

Referclients to other social services or assist clients in locating and utilizingcommunity resources including legal, medical and financial assistance, housing,employment, transportation, day care and other services

Counselclients living in group homes and half-way houses, supervise their activitiesand assist in pre-release and release planning

Participatein the selection and admission of clients to appropriate programs

Implementlife skills workshops, substance abuse treatment programs, behaviour managementprograms, youth services programs and other community and social serviceprograms under the supervision of social services or health care professionals

Meetwith clients to assess their progress, give support and discuss anydifficulties or problems

Assistin evaluating the effectiveness of treatment programs by tracking clients'behavioural changes and responses to interventions

Adviseand aid recipients of social assistance and pensions

Providecrisis intervention and emergency shelter services

Implementand organize the delivery of specific services within the community

Maintaincontact with other social service agencies and health care providers involvedwith clients to provide information and obtain feedback on clients' overallprogress

Co-ordinatethe volunteer activities of human service agencies, health care facilities andarts and sports organizations

Maymaintain program statistics for purposes of evaluation and research

Maysupervise social service support workers and volunteers.



原住民中心协调员——Aboriginal centre co-ordinator

原住民外展人员 - 社会服务——Aboriginal outreach officer – social services

原住民外展工作人员——Aboriginal outreach worker

药物滥用咨询工作者——addictions worker(新新源移民)

药物滥用咨询工作者 - 强迫性赌博——addictions worker – compulsive gambling

助理,社会服务——assistant, social services

案例助手 - 社会服务——case aide –social services

认证返回到工作的统筹员 - 残疾管理——certified return-to-workco-ordinator – disability management

认证返回到工作的推动者 - 残疾管理——certified return-to-workfacilitator – disability management

儿童和青年工作者——child and youth worker

儿童福利工作者——child welfare worker

儿童护理员(除日托)——child-care worker (except day care)

教练,生活技能——coach, life skills

社区和社会服务工作者——community and social services worker

社区中心协调员——community centre co-ordinator

社区中心的工作人员——community centre worker

社区辅导员 - 社会服务——community counsellor – social services

社区发展工作者——community development worker

社区联络工作人员——community liaison worker

社区精神卫生工作者——community mental health worker

社区组织工人——community organization worker

社区康复工作者——community rehabilitation worker

社区服务工作者——community service worker

社区服务人员 - 社会服务——community services officer – social services

社区工作者——community worker(新新源移民)

统筹,社区中心——co-ordinator, community centre

统筹,原生中心——co-ordinator, Native centre

统筹,青年发展——co-ordinator, youth development

危机干预工作者——crisis intervention worker

拘留家庭工作者——detention home worker

发展服务人员——development service worker

发展服务人员——developmental service worker

残疾职工管理——disability management worker

救助中心工作人员——drop-in centre worker

吸毒食事务工作者——drug addiction worker

资格协调员 - 社会援助——eligibility co-ordinator – social assistance

资格协调员 - 福利——eligibility co-ordinator – welfare

卓越的独生子女保健工作者(除日托)——exceptional-child-care worker (except day care)

家庭服务人员——family service worker

现场人员,退伍军人事务——field officer, veterans' affairs

财政援助人员 - 社会援助——financial assistance officer – social assistance

财政援助工作者 - 社会服务——financial assistance worker – social services

集团归属运营者——group home operator

组工回家——group home worker(新新源移民)

中途之家的主管——halfway house supervisor

中途之家工作人员——halfway house worker

帮助中心主管 - 社会服务——help centre supervisor – social services

旅馆统筹员——hostel co-ordinator

宿舍外展工作人员——hostel outreach worker

收入维持官 - 社会服务——income maintenance officer – social services

独立生活指导员——independent living instructor

指导员,生活技能——instructor, life skills

智障工作者——intellectual disabilities worker

行商支持服务人员——Itinerant support service worker

生活技能教练——life skills coach

生活技能导师——life skills instructor

轮椅膳食工人——meals-on-wheels worker

心理健康检查员——mental health proctor

精神卫生工作者的支持——mental health support worker

心理健康工作者——mental health worker

原生中心协调员——Native centre co-ordinator

本地社区工作者——Native community worker

本土外展人员 - 社会服务——Native outreach officer – social services

本地外展工作人员——Native outreach worker

居委会工作人员 - 社会服务——neighbourhood worker – social services

官,原生外展 - 社会服务——officer, Native outreach – social services

同行的支持工人——peer support worker

个人技能发展指导员 - 社会服务——personal skills developmentinstructor – social services(新新源移民)

监考官,心理健康——proctor, mental health

心理助理——psychological assistant

注册社会工作者的服务——registered social service worker

复官 - 社会服务——rehabilitation officer – social services

康复服务工作者——rehabilitation service worker

康复工作者 - 社会服务——rehabilitation worker – social services

居住统筹 - 集团首页——residence co-ordinator – group home

住宅辅导员 - 集团首页——residential counsellor – group home

返回到工作的统筹 - 残疾管理——return-to-work co-ordinator – disability management

返回到工作的推动者 - 残疾管理——return-to-work facilitator – disability management

结算工人 - 社区服务——settlement worker – community services

收容所的主管 - 社会服务——shelter supervisor – social services

庇护车间主管——shelter workshop supervisor

社会救助官——social aid officer

社会漫画家——social animator(新新源移民)

社会救助官——social assistance officer

社会康复人员——social rehabilitation officer

社会康复技师——social rehabilitation technician

社会康复工作者——social rehabilitation worker

社会服务助理——social services assistant

社会服务义工统筹——social services volunteer co-ordinator

社会服务工作者——social services worker

社会福利主任——social welfare officer

特殊教育技师 - 社会和社区服务——special education technician – social and community services

街外展工作人员——street outreach worker

streetworker- 社会服务——streetworker– social services

药物滥用工作者——substance abuse worker

监督工人的访问——supervised access worker

监事,中途之家——supervisor, halfway house

监事,妇女中心 - 社会服务——supervisor, women's centre – social services

监事,妇女庇护所 - 社会服务——supervisor, women's shelter – social services

过渡家庭工作者 - 社会服务——transition home worker – social services

过渡房的工人 - 社会服务——transition house worker – social services

退伍军人服务人员——veteran services officer

退伍军人事务场官——veterans' affairs field officer

志愿者统筹,社会服务——volunteer co-ordinator, social services

福利和补偿官——welfare and compensation officer

福利组织主管——welfare organization supervisor

福利工作者——welfare worker(新新源移民)

妇女中心协调员 - 社会服务——women's centre co-ordinator – social services

妇女中心项目主管 - 社会服务——women's centre program supervisor – social services

妇女庇护所主管——women's shelter supervisor

青年发展协调员——youth development co-ordinator

青年旅馆统筹——youth hostel co-ordinator

青少年服务工作者——youth services worker

青年工作者——youth worker

青年工作者 - 社会服务——youth worker – social services



Completionof a college or university program in social work, child and youth care,psychology or other social science or health-related discipline is usuallyrequired.

Previouswork experience in a social service environment as a volunteer or in a supportcapacity may replace formal education requirements for some occupations in thisunit group.

Socialservice workers may be required to be a member of a provincial regulatory bodyin some provinces.


Progressionto professional occupations in social services, such as family and marriagecounsellors, social workers, and probation and parole officers, is possiblewith additional training and experience.



Activitiesleaders – seniors (in 5254Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness )

Educationalcounsellors (4033)

Family,marriage and other related counsellors (4153)

Instructorsof persons with disabilities (4215)

Managersin social, community and correctional services (0423)

Socialworkers (4152)

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