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2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers





Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers inspect transportation vehicles such as aircraft, watercraft, automobiles and trucks and weighing and measuring devices such as scales and meters as well as industrial instruments, processes and equipment for conformity to government and industry standards and regulations.They are employed by government agencies and in the private sector.












The following is a summary of the main duties for some occupations in this unitgroup:

Motorvehicles defects investigators conduct motor vehicle and motor vehiclecomponent defect investigations, examinations, tests and defect-relatedaccident investigations; provide expert advice and testimony on specific motorvehicle performance problems or defects and recommend improvements in vehicleinspection and licensing procedures and vehicle safety standards.

Railwayaccident investigation officers collect and analyze data from trainderailments, collisions, and other accidents to determine the causes andinspect and evaluate railway property, structures, rolling stock, signals,track structure and train handling characteristics to ensure compliance tooperating standards.

Airworthiness inspectors conduct initial and regular inspections of establishments and individuals holding or applying for air carrier operating certificates andestablishments engaged in aircraft maintenance, repair or modification; inspectaircraft, advise of any deficiencies and detain aircraft suspected of beingunairworthy or unsafe.

Inspectors,weights and measures conduct inspections and tests of a variety of mechanical and electronic weighing and measuring devices and systems; prepare draft investigative reports of findings and recommend corrective or enforce mentaction.

Oiland gas drilling rig inspectors conduct onshore and offshore inspections ofdrilling and well servicing equipment and processes to ensure compliance withregulations and policies and to recommend improvements and corrective action.



航空运营维护检查——air carrier maintenance inspector

航空运输检查员——air transport inspector

适航检查员——airworthiness inspector(新新源移民)

弹药安全检查员——ammunition safety inspector

锅炉和机器检查员——boiler and machinery inspector

锅炉检验师——boiler inspector

广播干扰检查员——broadcast interference inspector

船运调查员——cargo surveyor

消费事务检查员——consumer affairs inspector

起重机检查员——crane inspector

电力和燃气表检查员——electricity and gas meter inspector

电梯检查员——elevator inspector

工程部检查员——engineering department inspector

工程部门检查员 - 地方政府——engineering department inspector – local government

工程类检查——engineering inspector

自动扶梯检查员——escalator inspector

飞行运行检查员——flight operations inspector

货车检查员——freight car inspector(新新源移民)

督察,航空承运人维修——inspector, air carrier maintenance

督察,航空运输——inspector, air transport

检查员,电力和煤气表——inspector, electricity and gas meters

督察,工程部——inspector, engineering department

检查,度量衡——inspector, weights and measures

保险防损检查员——insurance loss prevention inspector

起重工具检查员——lifting gear inspector

防损检查 - 保险——loss prevention inspector – insurance

海洋船运调查员——marine cargo surveyor

海洋损失调查员——marine damage surveyor

验船师——marine surveyor

电机运输检查员——motor transportation inspector

电机运输法监管——motor transportation regulations officer

机动车辆缺陷调查——motor vehicle defects investigator

机动车督察——motor vehicle inspector

管道装备督察——pipeline equipment inspector

管道检查员——pipeline inspector(新新源移民)

质量保证人员——quality assurance officer

无线电干扰调查员——radio interference investigator

铁路事故调查官——railway accident investigation officer

铁路督察——railway inspector

监管人员,工程——regulatory officer, engineering

道路安全检查——road safety inspector

船舶检查员——ship inspector(新新源移民)

验船师,货物——surveyor, cargo

验船师,海运货物——surveyor, marine cargo

拉伸强度督察员——tensile strength inspector

度量衡检查员——weights and measures inspector




Universitydegree or college diploma in an appropriate engineering field
Trade qualifications and extensive related work experience are required.

Appropriateprofessional engineering or engineering technology certification and licencesmay be required.



Constructioninspectors (2264)

Inspectorsin public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (2263)

Non-destructivetesters and inspection technicians (2261)

Classification Structure - 2