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3142 Physiotherapists



评估病人病情,规划和执行个人设计的 治疗方案,保持、改善或恢复物理功能,减轻疼痛,防止病人功能失调。他们受雇于医院、诊所、工业、体育单位,康复和护理中心,或者工作在私营单位。

Physiotherapistsassess patients and plan and carry out individually designed treatment programsto maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain andprevent physical dysfunction in patients. Physiotherapists are employed inhospitals, clinics, industry, sports organizations, rehabilitation centres andextended care facilities, or they may work in private practice.







--就病人的病情、需求和进度和 咨询医生及其他护理专业人员沟通;


--制定和实施护理改善方案for patients, staff and thecommunity;






Physiotherapists perform some or all of the following duties:

Assesspatients' physical abilities through evaluative procedures such as functionalability tests

Establishtreatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses

Planand implement programs of physiotherapy including therapeutic exercise,manipulations, massage, education, the use of electro-therapeutic and othermechanical equipment and hydro-therapy

Evaluateeffectiveness of treatment plans and modify accordingly

Communicatewith referring physician and other healthcare professionals regarding patients'problems, needs and progress

Maintainclinical and statistical records and confer with other health careprofessionals

Developand implement health promotion programs for patients, staff and the community

Mayconduct research in physiotherapy

Mayprovide consulting or education services.

Physiotherapists may focus their practice in particular clinical areas such asneurology, oncology, rheumatology, orthopedics, obstetrics, pediatrics,geriatrics, in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and cardiopulmonarydisorders, burns or sports injuries or in the field of ergonomics.




临床统筹员,物理治疗——clinical co-ordinator, physical therapy

临床统筹员,理疗——clinical co-ordinator, physiotherapy

临床理疗师——clinical physical therapist

临床物理治疗师——clinical physiotherapist

顾问物理治疗师——consultant physical therapist

物理治疗师顾问——consultant physiotherapist

物理治疗师康复——physical rehabilitation therapist

物理治疗师——physical therapist(新新源移民)

物理治疗师,研究——physical therapist, research

物理治疗临床统筹——physical therapy clinical co-ordinator

物理疗法临床专科——physical therapy clinical specialist

物理疗法主管——physical therapy supervisor


物理治疗师,研究——physiotherapist, research

理疗临床统筹员——physiotherapy clinical co-ordinator

理疗主管——physiotherapy supervisor

注册物理治疗师——registered physical therapist

注册物理治疗师——registered physiotherapist

研究物理治疗师——research physical therapist

研究物理治疗师——research physiotherapist(新新源移民)

监督员,物理疗法——supervisor, physical therapy

监督员,理疗——supervisor, physiotherapy

治疗师,物理康复——therapist, physical rehabilitation



Auniversity degree in physiotherapy and a period of supervised practicaltraining are required.

Alicence or registration with a regulatory body is required to practisephysiotherapy in all provinces.

Completionof the Physiotherapy National Exam, administered by the Alliance ofPhysiotherapy Regulatory Boards, may be required.


Progressionto management positions, such as director of physiotherapy, is possible throughexperience and additional training.


Directorsof physiotherapy (in 0311 Managers in health care )

Physicalrehabilitation technicians (in 3237 Other technical occupations in therapyand assessment )

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