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3143 Occupationaltherapists







Occupationaltherapists develop individual and group programs with people affected byillness, injury, developmental disorders, emotional or psychological problemsand ageing to maintain, restore or increase their ability to care forthemselves and to engage in work, school or leisure. They also develop andimplement health promotion programs with individuals, community groups andemployers. They are employed in health care facilities, in schools, and byprivate and social services agencies, or they may be self-employed.



--通过观察、访谈和 正式评估,分析客人生命活动相关的症状和期望;







Occupational therapistsmay specialize in working with specific populations such as children or adults,or persons with distinct problems such as dementia(痴呆), traumatic brain injury(颅脑损伤) and chronic pain(慢性痛), or provide specialinterventions such as return-to-work programs.(回归工作干预)



Occupational therapists perform some or all of the following duties:

Analyseclients' capabilities and expectations related to life activities throughobservation, interviews and formal assessments

Developintervention programs to address clients' needs related to self-care, work andleisure activities

Maintainclients' records

Establishpersonalized care plans working as a member of an interdisciplinary team

Consultand advise on health promotion programs to prevent disabilities and to maximizeindependent function in all activities of life

Maysupervise support personnel and students and provide training.




个案经理职业治疗师——case manager occupational therapist

临床职业治疗师——clinical occupational therapist

临床职业治疗专家——clinical occupational therapy specialist

社区职业治疗师——community occupational therapist

社会实践的职业治疗师——community practice occupational therapist

家庭护理职业治疗师——home care occupational therapist

职业疗法(OT)——occupational therapist (OT)

职业治疗师职业评估——occupational therapist vocational evaluator

职业治疗师,个案经理——occupational therapist, case manager

职业治疗师,社区——occupational therapist, community

职业治疗师,社会实践——occupational therapist, community practice

职业治疗师,家庭护理——occupational therapist, home care

职业治疗师,研究——occupational therapist, research(新新源)

职业治疗师,研究和开发——occupational therapist, research and development

职业治疗康复顾问——occupational therapy rehabilitation consultant

OT(职业治疗师)——OT(occupational therapist)

康复咨询师,职业治疗——rehabilitation consultant, occupational therapy

研究和开发职业治疗师——research and development occupational therapist

研究职业治疗师——research occupational therapist

专家,临床治疗职业——specialist, clinical occupational therapy

职业评估职业治疗师——vocational evaluator occupational therapist


Auniversity degree in occupational therapy including supervised fieldwork isrequired
Graduation from an occupational therapy program approved by the WorldFederation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is accepted in some provinces.

Completionof the national certification examination may be required.

Licensurewith a regulatory body is required in all provinces.

Membershipin the national association, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists,is required in some provinces.

Occupationaltherapists may obtain expertise in a particular area through additionaltraining or experience.


Occupationaltherapists may progress to management or administrative positions throughfurther training and experience.



Directorsof occupational therapy (in 0311 Managers in health care )

Orientationand mobility instructors (in 4215 Instructors of persons withdisabilities )

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