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3211 Medicallaboratory technologists





Medicallaboratory technologists conduct medical laboratory tests, experiments andanalyses to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Theyare employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, blood banks, community andprivate clinics, research facilities and post-secondary educationalinstitutions. Medical laboratory technologists who are supervisors are includedin this unit group.


















Medical laboratory technologists perform some or all of the following duties:

Setup, operate and maintain laboratory equipment

Conductchemical analyses of blood, urine, and cerebrospinal and other body fluids

Studyblood cells and other tissues to determine their relation to variousphysiological and pathological conditions

Preparetissue sections for microscopic examinations using techniques to demonstratespecial cellular tissue elements or other characteristics

Performblood group, type and compatibility tests for transfusion purposes

Establishprocedures for the analysis of specimens and for medical laboratory experiments

Conductquality control assessment of testing techniques

Maysupervise and train other medical laboratory technical staff, students andhelpers

Mayassist pathologists during autopsies.

Medical laboratory technologists may specialize in areas such as clinicalchemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, histotechnology,immunohematology, cytotechnology and cytogenetics.



高级技师注册 - 医学实验室——advanced registered technologist – medical laboratory

解剖病理学技师——anatomical pathology technologist

验尸技师 - 医学实验室——autopsy technologist – medical laboratory

生物化学技术专家 - 医学实验室——biochemistry technologist – medical laboratory

血库技师——blood bank technologist

负责技术专家 - 医学实验室——charge technologist – medical laboratory

临床免疫学技师——clinical immunology technologist

临床化验师——clinical laboratory technologist(新新源移民)

合并的实验室和X射线技师——combined laboratory and x-raytechnologist

细胞遗传学技师 - 医学实验室——cytogenetics technologist – medical laboratory

细胞学技术专家——cytology technologist

细胞学技师 - 医学实验室——cytotechnologist – medical laboratory

电子显微镜技术专家 - 医学实验室——electron microscopy technologist – medical laboratory

血液学技师 - 医学实验室——hematology technologist – medical laboratory

组织学技师——histology technologist

组织学技师 - 医学实验室——histology technologist – medical laboratory

组织病理学技师——histopathology technologist

血液化验设备操作员 - 医学实验室——histotechnologist – medical laboratory

免疫血液学技师——immunohematology technologist

免疫血液学技师 - 医学实验室——immunohematology technologist – medical laboratory(新新源移民)

免疫学技术专家 - 医学实验室——immunology technologist – medical laboratory

主管技师 - 尸检服务——in-charge technologist – autopsy services

医学实验室主管——medical laboratory supervisor

医学实验室技术主管——medical laboratory technical supervisor

医务化验师——medical laboratory technologist

医务化验师,解剖病理学——medical laboratory technologist, anatomical pathology

医疗技术专家——medical technologist

医疗技师 - 医学实验室——medical technologist – medical laboratory

医疗技师——medical technologists supervisor

微生物技术专家 - 医学实验室——microbiology technologist – medical laboratory

注册医疗技术专家——registered medical technologist

注册的技术专家 - 医疗——registered technologist – medical

血清学技术专家——serology technologist(新新源移民)

主管,医学实验室——supervisor, medical laboratory

技术总监,医学实验室——technical supervisor, medical laboratory

技术专家,解剖病理学——technologist, anatomical pathology

技术专家,尸检 - 医学实验室——technologist, autopsy – medical laboratory

技术专家,临床实验室——technologist, clinical laboratory

技师,医学实验室——technologist, medical laboratory

组织技术专家 - 医学实验室——tissue technologist – medical laboratory




Atwo- or three-year college program in medical laboratory technology is required
A period of supervised practical training may be required.

Registrationwith a regulatory body is required in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec,Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Certificationby the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is usually required byemployers.



Lifescience technologists in non-medical laboratories (in 2221 Biological technologists andtechnicians )

Medicallaboratory technicians and pathologists' assistants (3212)

Physicalscience technologists in non-medical laboratories (in 2211 Chemical technologists and technicians)

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