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4211 Paralegal andrelated occupations






Paralegalsprepare legal documents and conduct research to assist lawyers or otherprofessionals. Independent paralegals provide legal services to the public asallowed by government legislation, or provide paralegal services on contract tolaw firms or other establishments. Notaries public administer oaths, takeaffidavits, sign legal documents and perform other activities according to thescope of their practice. Trademark agents advise clients on intellectual propertymatters. Paralegals are employed by law firms, by record search companies andin legal departments throughout the public and private sectors. Independentparalegals are usually self-employed. Notaries public are employed bygovernment and in the public and private sectors or they may be self-employed.Trademark agents are employed by law firms and legal departments throughout thepublic and private sectors, trademark development and search firms or they maybe self-employed.



























Paralegals perform some or all of the following duties:

Assistlawyers by interviewing clients, witnesses and other related parties,assembling documentary evidence, preparing trial briefs, and arranging fortrials

Assistlawyers in preparation for mediation and judicial dispute resolutions

Preparewills, real estate transactions and other legal documents, court reports andaffidavits

Researchrecords, court files and other legal documents

Draftlegal correspondence and perform general office and clerical duties.

Independent paralegals perform some or all of the following duties:

Representclients in small claims court and in other lower court proceedings, attribunals and before administrative bodies

Adviseclients and take legal action on landlord and tenant matters, trafficviolations, name changes and other issues within their jurisdictions.

Notaries public perform some or all of the following duties:

Administeroaths and take affidavits and depositions

Witnessand certify the validity of signatures on documents

Maydraft contracts, prepare promissory notes and draw up wills, mortgages andother legal documents

Mayarrange probates and administer the estates of deceased persons.

Trademark agents perform some or all of the following duties:

Advise clients on intellectual property matters and represent clients before the Registrar of Trade-Marks on matters including prosecution of applications for registration of trademarks

Advise on the registrability of trademarks, trademark licensing requirements, transfer of intellectual property and protection of existing trademark rights

Represent clients at proceedings before the Trade Marks Opposition Board and in related proceedings

May represent clients internationally in consultation with foreign associates and attorneys.




简报文书-法律——brief writer –law

不列颠哥伦比亚省公证人——British Columbia notary public

办事员,法律——clerk, law(新新源移民)

收集律师助理——collection paralegal

商法办事员——commercial law clerk

商法律师助理——commercial law paralegal

合同办事员 - 法律——contract clerk – law

运送办事员——conveyance clerk

版权代理——copyright agent

公司法和诉讼办事员——corporate law and litigation clerk

公司法办事员——corporate law clerk(新新源移民)

公司律师助理——corporate paralegal

公司证券法律助理——corporate securities law clerk

公司律师助理——corporation paralegal

法院和法庭代理——court and tribunal agent

刑法办事员——criminal law clerk

刑法律师助理——criminal law paralegal

家庭法律助理——family law clerk

家庭法律师助理——family law paralegal

丧失抵押品赎回权的办事员——foreclosure clerk

丧失抵押品赎回权律师助理——foreclosure paralegal

独立律师助理——independent paralegal

保险法办事员——insurance law clerk

保险律师助理——insurance paralegal

劳动法办事员——labour law clerk

劳动法律师助理——labour law paralegal

土地所有权办事员——land titles clerk

土地所有权考官——land titles examiner

法律助理——law clerk(新新源移民)

法律助理裁判——law clerk to judge

xx公证人——lay notary public

租赁和产权办事员——lease and title clerk

法律研究员——legal researcher

法律技术员——legal technician

诉讼法律助理——litigation law clerk

诉讼律师助理——litigation paralegal

抵押贷款和房地产律师助理——mortgage and real estate paralegal

公证人——notary public

公证人(不列颠哥伦比亚省)——notary public (British Columbia)

公证人(魁北克外)——notary public (outside Quebec)

公证人办事员——notary public clerk

公证人,lay——notary public, lay

Example sentences with "lay notary public", translation memory

It lays down the responsibilities of the Belgian authorities, determines the national legislation to be applied and sets out the conditions on which a ruling by a foreign court, or an instrument executed by a notary or public authority in a foreign country, may be given effect in Belgium.

石油和天然气的属性律师助理——oil and gas property paralegal

石油和天然气的权利法律助理——oil and gas rights law clerk

石油和天然气的权利律师助理——oil and gas rights paralegal


物业律师助理——property paralegal

房地产法律助理——real estate law clerk

房地产律师助理——real estate paralegal

注册商标代理人——registered trademark agent

研究员,法律——researcher, legal

税法办事员——tax law clerk

税务律师助理——tax paralegal

标题和租赁办事员——title and lease clerk

产权文件检查员——title examiner

产权文件搜索员——title searcher

商标代理——trademark agent

转移所有权的办事员——transfer-of-title clerk

遗嘱和遗产法律助理——wills and estates law clerk

遗嘱和遗产律师助理——wills and estates paralegal



Paralegalsin law firms require a bachelor's degree in law or a law college diploma andin-house training from a law firm or other legal establishment.

Independentparalegals require knowledge of legal principles and procedures usually obtainedthrough industry-sponsored courses and through experience, or throughcompletion of a community college paralegal program.

Notariespublic are appointed after examination and certification of theirqualifications by the governing judiciary in their province or territory. Allappointments have specific limitations on the activities they can perform andfor specific periods of time.

Notariespublic require a provincial licence. In British Columbia, membership in theSociety of Notaries Public is also required.

Tobe licensed, trademark agents are required to work in the area of trademarklaw, including the preparation and prosecution of trademark applications forregistration, for two years
To successfully complete the examination conducted jointly by the IntellectualProperty Institute of Canada and the Registrar of Trade-Marks, CanadianIntellectual Property Office
Either one of the above and to be a lawyer entitled to practise in Canada.

Trademarkagents require registration with the federal Trade-Mark Office.


Notariespublic usually receive in-house training and perform their duties in rural orremote areas or in the business offices in which they are employed.



Articlingstudents, Quebec notaries and trademark lawyers (in 4112Lawyers and Quebec notaries )

Legaladministrative assistants (1242)

Patentagents (in 4161Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and programofficers )

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